Saturday, January 30, 2010


in some ways i feel very restricted by blogging. like most creative types, i seem to get inspiration and ideas at the most inconvenient times, and by the time i make it to my laptop to blog and share and explore these ideas further, the moment is lost. i keep a notebook for sudden ideas, and there is something more organic about putting pen to paper and scribbling and sketching it out as it comes to mind. sometimes it seems contrived to put it all into words and share in a blog.

one of the biggest obstacles to blogging though, is fear. i always feel incredibe anxiety about people reading my work. blogging is giving a part of myself away to the world, exposing inner thoughts and making myself vulnerable to criticism and judgement. the fear is that my writing is not good enough, that my ideas are not original enough. blogging can be a self-indulgent pursuit and it somehow feels arrogant on my part to think that anyone would want to read my thoughts and ideas. this blog is for me and if other people find value in my writing, that is an added bonus.


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