Monday, January 24, 2011

the year ahead

i am actually quite embarrassed at how uncommitted i have been to the whole craft of blogging. i am a university-qualified professional writer and i love making and creating, yet i struggle with the discipline of blogging.

this year, though, is my year. and the reason i can say so with such confidence is in the past, the busier i make myself, the more disciplined i become. so this year, i will blog more. maybe not every day, but at least every week. i will also study more. i have enrolled for a graduate diploma in psychology (via correspondence). i am taking spanish classes and listening to tapes most days. i am crafting again and loving the potential in fabrics and the process of creating something from nothing. i am learning to stop being obsessed with the crafting environment, and focus on the projects at hand. i will travel, maybe not as much as last year, but i will make concerted efforts to document the travels. i will make concerted efforts to document everything. this, on top of a demanding full-time job and running a household with my sister. 

what am i getting myself in for?

hasta manana::

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