Friday, May 14, 2010

the discovery of polyvore

i just discovered polyvore for the first time thanks to this awesome collaborative contest given one of my favourite bloggers gala darling and cosmetics line sugarpill.

this is my first ever polyvore, just for the competition:

while i wouldn't consider this my natural fashion style, there are still a lot of elements that i totally love. i'd wear any of the jewelry in a heartbeat (crazy about the bowie brooch), the juicy couture "don't talk to me" t-shirt is perfectly apt for a monday morning, and of course the sugarpill eyeshadows are completely rad.

i spent hours working on it, and since publishing it i haven't been able to stop thinking about making the next one! it seems like a totally awesome way to figure out how i am going to style my new purchases, and what better way to start that with my sam edelman sandals.

i love these sandals and fortunately it has been warm enough in vancouver to wear them every day:

the sandals are amazing. they are cut low enough around the ankle to be flattering, so they look great with skirts and dresses as well as with jeans. they can be dressed up or down and have already earned me a few compliments! so far they are pretty comfortable - although i find the second toe on my right foot is being cut into by the thong piece. i'm sure this will get better once i wear them in a little more. either way it is not enough to make them unbearable and i managed to walk in them all day yesterday and get home blister-free!

i am completely excited about my new sandals and all the possibilities of polyvore!



  1. Hi Jaz, sounds like you are discovering loads of new things. I hope you are well and happy.
    Nic, Diz and Lucy xxx

  2. Cute blog, and nice selections on Polyvore