Friday, May 14, 2010

just some facts

i am obsessed with typography and formatting. one of my favourite books is hand job: a catalog of type by michael perry. a little piece of me dies every time i see the papyrus font used. i really want to go to type camp one day. i would probably love to work in graphic design or publishing.

i am planning to apply to parsons the new school to study fashion marketing. i have actually been working on my application essay for almost a year.

i love organising in general, and i am not sure if this is the cause of or the result from an unhealthy addiction to tetris. my high score on DS is over five million, and i secretly want to get the world record and have it verified by twin galaxies. i love packing shopping bags (when i was a checkout operator i had regulars who came to me just because they liked the way i packed their bags) and i don't even mind shifting boxes in the shoe store where i currently work. i guess they are both sort of like bigger versions of tetris.

i wish i was better at photography. i love taking photographs but get increasingly frustrated as they never turn out as good as the ones in my mind. i like to take photos of scenery and birds and flowers and my boyfriend. he is so photogenic it is sickening.

even though i don't really have a house, i am obsessed with homewares. i am in love with every house and every item ever featured on designsponge. one day i will own a house with a verandah. it will be close to the beach with dark timber floors and impossibly high ceilings and big windows and doors to let in the sea breeze. it will be a place for all the beautiful and strange things i have acquired, a museum where it is okay to touch!

i know i have hoarding tendencies, and so i watch hoarders to remind me of what could happen if i don't keep check of my things. i obsessively purge useless items whenever i watch that show.

i miss my family and my friends, but i have been lucky to meet such awesome people here in canada.

my sister is my opposite but somehow she is my best friend. my mum and i are so alike it is scary. we have similar tastes and similar tendencies and similar thoughts and similar senses of humour. my dad is so sweet and caring. he is the epitome of masculine style.

i want to volunteer in morocco and work at the summer olympics and sail the pacific and work in far north western australia and have a store where i can sell things i've made and
travel overland from cape town to cairo and climb mount kilimanjaro and drive around australia and live in new york city and wander the silk road and live in a yurt and cross the trans-siberian and own a backpackers and so many other things . . .

i am jasmine, these are just some facts about me, and in time you will learn more.


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